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    How to Choose a Family Plumber

    Hiring a reputable plumber is a no-brainer, but note that not all plumbers will accept all types of work. If you’re in search of someone who can address your family’s day-to-day plumbing needs, read on.

    The Family Plumber

    Plumbing isn’t rocket science, but it requires a good amount of knowledge. For example, professional plumbers know how hard they can crank on PVC before it cracks. It’s expertise that keeps a $10 repair from turning into a flood of woes.

    You can prepare for a more urgent situation just by developing a relationship with a plumber even if you don’t need him yet. If possible, make him do none-emergency jobs or installations within normal business hours. Plumbers usually favor regular customers over panicky strangers who want them to work on a Saturday night.

    Before you choose a plumber, ask for proof of their license. Plumbers …


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