The Three Most Popular Ways To Increase Oxygen Levels In A Pond

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Oxygen is an essential element in keeping a pond or other outdoor body of water clean and healthy for the various organisms that call it home. If oxygen levels are depleted, it can cause algae to form and threaten the life of any fish or other animals that are present. Fortunately, there are a variety of aerators for pond that can help provide adequate oxygen levels and make regular maintenance an easy and straightforward process. Here is a quick look at aerators that are most commonly used.

Diffused Aeration Systems

The most sought-after designs are those that aerate the water from the bottom up. A set of tubes will run from a central pump unit set in the bottom of the pond and, when activated, will emit a steady stream of air. As the air circulates through the water and to the surface, it helps to add oxygen and brings any contaminants up and to the surface, which can help reduce the overall maintenance required.

Fountain Systems

Fountain-based systems are popular for the visual appeal they offer. Most are placed in the middle of a pond and attached to a tethered line that is anchored to the bottom of the pond. A central pump is usually located near the edge of the pond, and an aeration tube runs from the unit to the fountainhead. When activated, water is dispersed through the fountain, which helps to alleviate surface tension and allows oxygen to be absorbed by plants and fish.

Windmill Aerators

Some applications make it impossible to utilize a system that is powered by electricity. A windmill system solves this dilemma by using the same technology used in a traditional aerator but is powered by air. As the windmill spins, a pump is activated, which feeds a steady stream of air into the pond and increases the oxygen level without the use of an electrical outlet.

The easiest way to keep a pond healthy is to utilize a quality aeration system. Living Water Aeration has a vast selection of quality products designed to simplify maintenance. Check out their website to learn more about the various types of aerators available and the benefits of using them.



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